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Why cant I find snow fairy products on the web site any more?

Snow Fairy has been registered as a brand name by Cosmetic Warriors Ltd (Lush) and we are now banned from using the name unless given permission. which is never going to happen. We have now renamed all of our products which were previously called snow fairy as ICE FAIRY. They are made with exactly the same wax and scents the only thing that has changed is the name.

What type of wax do you use?

We have chosen to use Paraffin Wax as it is well known that this produces the best scent throw, the cleanest candle burn and is bio-degradable. 
We are often asked why we don't use Soy Wax as this is often represented as a much 'more environmentally friendly' alternative, however after much research Soy wax goes through as many chemical process as Paraffin wax (bleached, deodorised and hydrogenated), but it is also responsible for massive deforestation across the globe. This is why we use a paraffin blend as we would rather use a byproduct of gas and oil production, than use an original source product of much controversy.

How many melts should I use at a time and how often should I change them?

There are a number of factors that can affect how many melts you should use at a time. How big is your room? Are the windows and doors open? How large is your burner? How hot does your burner get? As a rule of thumb we tend to use 2 melts at a time and change them every 4-6 days.

How will my melts be posted to me?

The way we package our products is something that we pride ourselves in. Our wax melts are all sent out in brown postage boxes - the appropriate size for the quantity of melts ordered. The different scents ordered are separated using cardboard dividers as we aim to minimise the use of single-use plastic in our packaging. 

What are Perfume Inspired Scents?

Our perfume inspired scents are similar to the perfumes and aftershaves, but do not replicate the strength or intensity of a concentrated fragrance. Please do not expect this scented wax product to smell as strong as a perfume or aftershave. They give a subtle aroma reminding you of the scent and the names used are guidance on how the fragrance will smell. The fragrances used in our products have no affiliation with the manufacturer. We spend a lot of time testing our scented wax and all the melts and candles are made with the maximum fragrance load possible to avoid separation and wicks becoming clogged.

When will my order be posted?

We aim to post out all non-customised orders within 2 working days (unless otherwise stated on our website banner) and all of our parcels are sent using Royal Mail tracked delivery. You have the option to upgrade at the checkout to 1st class tracked delivery if you want. Once your order has been dispatched you will receive an email with your tracking number, this will be updated once Royal Mail attempt to deliver your parcel. 

Can I amend my order?

Once an order has been placed we are unable to amend the order. This includes: adding discount codes and removing/adding items to your order.

My parcel has arrived and I have a question?

All order queries need to be made by emailing and must include your full name, date of purchase and order number together with your query. Without this information we will not be able to find your order on our system. We aim to reply to all emails within 2 working days. Please do not resend emails within this time frame as this will delay our response time. We can not respond to order queries through social media.